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New Album - The Sweetest Goodbye

Kaedyn Kashmir “The Sweetest Goodbye” to Debut March 10 from Spitfire Music and produced by multi-platinum producer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, James Blunt). At the age of 17, this is Kaedyn’s third album together with Warren and also working with multi-Grammy winning Adam Ayan (Paul McCartneyCarrie UnderwoodKaty Perry).


Upcoming Shows

  • Oct10 Sultan, WA Kiss The Sky Books
  • Jun11 Seattle, WA King's Hall
  • Mar15 Issaquah, WA Trattoria Amante
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My Story

About Kaedyn

Kaedyn Kashmir is an American singer-songwriter, contemporary recording artist and television actor. Born in Seattle, Washington, Kaedyn is most associated as a featured singer and performer on an ABC American Broadcasting Company competition reality show.

Kaedyn has been featured in prime-time on ABC Television and The Disney Channel, as well as other various other television, news, radio, and media. Her music delivers thought provoking lyrics that have captured the attention of people around the world and reflect on the social issues that face today’s youth. Kaedyn’s soulful delivery and melodic compositions give testament to the broad appeal of the fans that have embraced it.

Signed to PLAG Records and Spitfire Music at the age of 14 and working with Multi-Platinum producer Warren Huart, Kaedyn’s rich and powerful vocal style delivers chills and an uplifting musical voyage wrapped in the roots of rock, soul, and pop. In short, if you are a fan of popular singer songwriters such as Taylor Swift, Florence and the Machine, Adele, and others like them, Kaedyn Kashmir is a must have for your collection.



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