1. Sliding Doors Kaedyn Kashmir 0:31
  2. Grin and Bear it Kaedyn Kashmir 0:31
  3. Break Kaedyn Kashmir 0:31
  4. Love Is Just a Fairytale Kaedyn Kashmir 0:31
  5. Cyan Kaedyn Kashmir 0:31

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Sliding Doors

Release Date : March 10, 2015
Artist : Kaedyn Kashmir
Catalog ref. : 883211340316
Format : CD

Introducing 14 yr old Kaedyn Kashmir from Renton, USA and debut single ‘Sliding Doors’.
At only 14 years old signed to PLAG Records and working with multi-platinum Producer Warren Huart in Hollywood CA, her Album debut EP “Sliding Doors” charted in the top 50 for new Pop Music on both iTunes Radio and Amazon Music.